Friday, October 26, 2012

left and right 4mm slit with a focal length of 75mm images on 4x5, left is vertical and right is horizontal. There is no separation between the pairs .

        This image is proof of concept. I have been looking at horizontal slit images taken in the American west  by German Photographer Michael Wesely. These images maintain a minor level of vertical detail, but suppress most of the large and medium verticals. In the end you have horizontal bands of color with a smattering of vertical detail in the bands.
         Several things crossed my mind in looking at the images. First, if I dissemble an image with a slit will I be able to control enough opposing detail. Wesely's horizontal landscapes tend to suppress all of the medium detail: trees, buildings, etc giving only a suggestion of  land forms. I am interested, I think, in somewhat less abstraction. Second,since a horizontal slit suppresses vertical detail and a vertical slit suppresses horizontal detail, if I construct a stereo pair from one vertical image and one horizontal image can they be recombined into a cyclopean image that holds somewhat the same information as would a more conventional image?

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