Friday, October 26, 2012

left and right 4mm slit with a focal length of 75mm images on 4x5, left is vertical and right is horizontal. There is no separation between the pairs .

        This image is proof of concept. I have been looking at horizontal slit images taken in the American west  by German Photographer Michael Wesely. These images maintain a minor level of vertical detail, but suppress most of the large and medium verticals. In the end you have horizontal bands of color with a smattering of vertical detail in the bands.
         Several things crossed my mind in looking at the images. First, if I dissemble an image with a slit will I be able to control enough opposing detail. Wesely's horizontal landscapes tend to suppress all of the medium detail: trees, buildings, etc giving only a suggestion of  land forms. I am interested, I think, in somewhat less abstraction. Second,since a horizontal slit suppresses vertical detail and a vertical slit suppresses horizontal detail, if I construct a stereo pair from one vertical image and one horizontal image can they be recombined into a cyclopean image that holds somewhat the same information as would a more conventional image?

Thursday, May 31, 2012

"Wall swimmer" 2012 11mm fl on Olympus E-PM1

     My entry for Worldwide Pinhole Day 2012. This is the 12 year of WWPD. There are at this point 3900 or so images in the 2012 exhibition. you can find them here:  My image is #2666.
     I have been experimenting with the pinhole on the E-PM1 over the last several months, mostly at dusk and at night. The image above was shot in the early evening under monochrome sodium lights. I am rather pleased at this point with the way the noise and the pinhole are working together.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My website is up.

"Gathering" 2003 Joycam pinhole 30mm
Those are lamprey, they are also chickens......

       With that I announce that my website is finally up.     Jeff Mickey Photography

Monday, April 23, 2012

"Jeff I need to show you this...."

"Boat" 2003 Polaroid "Joycam"  pinhole around 30mm 
In the summer of 2003 my friend Richard, whose studio was in the same building as mine, used to drop me at my office on the way to whatever he was doing that day. Often this meant, over my protestations, I was pressed into some small adventure. The terms "office" and "time" being not really in him,off we would go. One morning in May or June I heard the familiar "Jeff I need to show you this, it will just take a minute.". This was almost a guarantee of my being 30 minutes late to my office. Richard pulled his van beside a building three or four blocks from our studios. There, inside a two story truck dock, was a partly finished twenty five or thirty foot wooden boat. It for all the world looked like a museum restoration of a 19Th century vessel. The sun was filling the space. I stepped inside and made several pinholes. This is my favorite. The man on the right is the building custodian. He is asking me what I want and telling me to leave. I never saw the dock door open again that summer. In the fall I saw the boat finished and painted black moored in the river next to the building. I have never known who built it or why.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

"Cones" 2000 Polaroid 400 Pack Film around 30mm on 4.25 by 3.25 Inches.

        A small localized landscape, I suppose.  From the field above my parents house in Colorado in the winter of 2000.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

"Tree" 2007  Polaroid 600 pinhole camera about 40mm. 
        I thought i would lead with an image. This is one of a few I made with 600 film before it disappeared and gained 50$ a box collector status on eBay. From the only SX70 style pinhole camera I have ever gotten to "time" correctly (kick out one sheet of film and stop). So I give you "Tree".